Work With Us

Partner with Elma Exchange

As an artisan-centered rug and textile collective, we deeply value the relationships with all of our partners.

For Interior Designers & Stores

Without you, we couldn't connect with as many people who want to incorporate beautiful designs into their homes. With each our of our partnering stores and interior designers, we commit to:

Relationally-Oriented Customer Service

We know you need a reliable supplier, and we will work with you to find the perfect products for your customers. We see ourselves as an extension of your team, and will support your design process by providing at-home rug viewings for your customers with no commitment to buy.

One-of-a-Kind Quality Products

Elma Exchange sources from artisans who practice traditional weaving techniques using all natural fibers and mostly natural dyes.

For your customers who have unique needs, we offer custom rugs.

Fair Pricing

Depending on order sizes, we offer wholesale pricing for stores and and commissions for interior designers.

For Artisans

Your unique skills and creations are what make Elma Exchange successful. With each of our partnering artisans, we commit to:

Fair Compensation

We know it takes time and love to preserve weaving traditions. Because your work is vital to our business, we want you to benefit in our success. To lower your risks, we pay-up-front, plus you'll receive a percentage of our annual profits.

Expanding Your Market Reach

Focus your energy and effort on your craft, and we'll do the work of selling to consumers and getting you access to new markets.

Telling Your Story

You create one-of-a-kind pieces and deserve credit. At Elma Exchange, we treat our partnering artisans like the artists that you are. We don't believe it's fair to lump all of your work under our brand name. Instead, we put your name and story behind your rugs and textiles.