Custom Rug Orders

Our partnering artisans offer custom orders to meet the specific style and needs of your space. You'll get a one-of-a-kind handmade rug that is woven to last.

How to Get Your Perfect Rug

Get inspired.

Browse our current selection to find your favorite colors, patterns, and styles.

Get connected.

Reach out to us with any ideas you have for your dream rug. If you're unsure, we can advise you through the process.


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Get ready for the rug of your dreams.

Once we've confirmed the price, style, color, and size of your dream rug, your unique rug will take about a month or more for the artisan to complete.

Traditional Weaving Practices for the Modern Home

Preserving generational knowledge creates beautifully unique pieces, with a lower environmental impact and more resilient global economies.

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Naturally Dyed

Our partners use pigments derived from plants, insects, and minerals.

Handmade by Artisans

All our artisan-made textiles are handwoven on the traditional looms, such as backstrap and vertical looms.

Supporting Local Communities

We work with female weavers who can work from home, or artisans who partner with community members for material sourcing and production.

Natural Fibers

The base of our textiles are materials such as cotton, wool, nettle, or vétiver grass. Some artisans even forage for the materials in their local forests.

Meet Your Artisan

Master weaver Hocine Bazine creates traditional Berber wool rugs, using the methods and motifs that have been passed down for generations. Like many artisans who keep their local heritage alive, he learned how to work a vertical hand-loom from his grandmother.

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