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Woven Cloth Napkins - Set of 4

Woven Cloth Napkins - Set of 4

Made by Ms. Navone and an association of female weavers

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  • Laos Country OutlineMade in Ban Nayang, Laos
  • Handmade by Artisans IconHandmade by Artisans
  • Powered by Women IconPowered by Women
  • Natural Fibers and Dyes IconNatural Fibers and Dyes

Add a playful flair to your dinner table. These napkins are great for every day use or when guests come over. The color lining around the napkins make for the fanciest of folded napkins for your next dinner party!

Hand spun and handwoven cotton with all natural dyes. This is a zero-waste item. The artisans cut the pieces to accommodate the full width of the cloth. The sizes will vary slightly, but in general they are 17-18 inch squares.

About the Artisan

Led by master weaver and dyer Ms. Navone, female artisans in the Ban Nayang village of Laos work together to weave these napkins from naturally sourced, local fibers and natural dyes.

Each step of the process is done by hand. The women grow, harvest and clean the cotton in the local fields. Before hand-weaving each napkin, they hand spin the cotton yarn and dye the yarns. All the materials--from the cotton to botanicals--come from the village. Natural dyes include fermented indigo, mango bark, sappan wood, and mak bao wood. The final sewing is completed in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

The women all belong to the Tai Lue ethnic group, who live in the central valleys and are known for their cotton weaving. They bring their traditional weaving techniques into the contemporary designs.

These handmade, functional, and beautiful pieces can easily be integrated into contemporary life.

Care Instructions

Wash on cold water in the machine. Dry on low to medium heat or hang to dry.


100% hand-loomed cotton from Luang Prabang and Oudomxay Provinces, Laos.

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