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Silk Throw Blanket

Silk Throw Blanket

Wangchuk Lhamo

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  • Made in Thimphu, Bhutan
  • Handmade by Artisans IconHandmade by Artisans
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  • Natural Fibers and Dyes IconNatural Fibers and Dyes

Comfort meets the utmost sustainability with our silk throws. The artisan ensures zero waste in her process, with some foraged materials, while others are grown. Everything, including the dyes are 100% natural. Enjoy the silky softness and the beautiful designs that come from Bhutan.

About the Artisan

Wangchuk Lhamo is a third-generation weaver in the valley of Thimphu, Bhutan.

She preserves weaving traditions with a focus on sustainable practices, starting from intentional material sourcing that ensures the plants--such as handspun nettle, locally grown cotton, and eri silk--will produce next year. After using homegrown natural dyes with a traditional fermentation process called bangtshoe, the yarn is handspun on a pangtha loom, one of the oldest looms used in Bhutan. Through careful measurements, no yarn is wasted in production, and the natural dyes become organic fertilizer in her family's kitchen garden.

The painstaking process to ensure zero waste reflects an important pillar of a Bhutanese Buddhist value: The interdependence of all things, and that conservation of nature is a necessity for maintaining this balance not only for nature’s sake, but also for human health.

Care Instructions

Dry clean recommended. If washing yourself, machine wash cold on a low cycle. Do not bleach and do not tumble dry. Iron with low to medium heat.


70% hand-spun erisilk and 30% cotton.

100% natural dyes: madder root and dogwood leaves for the pink dyes

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